Sunday, 30 September 2012

Autumn Playlist

Here is a list of songs I’m feeling this Summer. Cleanse you ears whilst having a listen to some of my favourite tunes. A mix of old, and new but enjoy anyway.

1. About You- XXYYXX
2. Pyramids (Kastle Remix)- Frank Ocean
3. Girl- Empt
4. Rasshida Jones- MRRI$
5. Technique- Kastle
6. Shadows- Sinjin Hawke
7. Inside- We Sink ft Andrea
8. About You (Dream Koala Remix) XXYYXX
9. Empathy- Ab-Soul
10. Luv u girl pt2- XXYYXX
11. Stroke It- Sweater Beats 
12. Superfume- heRobust
13. My world- Ambassadeurs
14. Are you that Somebody (Sango Remix)- Aaliyah
15. Vases- Anthony Ellect
16. Places- Shlohmo

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