Saturday, 10 August 2013

Summer Playlist 2

Okay so I noticed that my previous summer playlist was popular which makes me very pleased because I love the fact that my music taste is being admired and listened to. Because of this, here’s another list of songs I’m sharing with you of music I've been playing a lot lately and again, there’s a mix of genres, fast, slow, old and new so yes, take away some good vibes from my music. If you can’t find some of these songs on YouTube they’ll either be on SoundCloud or Bandcamp.

  1. Knxwledge- allusions[alwyse]
  2. Josh Arce- Horus
  3. Captain Murphy- Gone Fishing
  4. Space Gang ft Raheaven- Stay
  5. Joey Bada$$ ft Smoke DZA - Death Of Yolo
  6. Dream Koala- We Can’t Be Friends
  7. MoRuf- Soul Rich
  8. Captain Murphy- The Ritual
  9. Eric Lau- Where to go now
  10. Alori Joh- SINcerely Yours
  11. Beyonce ft Andre 3000- Party (Summer Occasions remix)
  12. Bonobo ft Erykah Badu- Heaven For The Sinner
  13. Chance The Rapper- Lost
  14. Knxwledge- rufflefries[wifey][TWRK] 
  15. Knxwledge- iwill[TWRK]
  16. Flatbush Zombies Ft Erick Arc Elliott - Breakfast AT ePiffanies
  17. KING- Hey
  18. Washed Out- Feel It All Around
  19. Jesse Boykins III- Zoner
  20. The Weeknd- Love In The Sky 

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