Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Blank Canvas Listening Party

So yesterday was the listening party for Little Simz’s mixtape Blank Canvas and phenomenal is probably an understatement for what was heard that night. Specially invited guest including friends and family of Simz were able to come together to experience the first official hearing at Apartment 58 in central London, Westend. The session was hosted by Simz and her manager Eddie Smith who has done an amazing job in guiding Simz through her journey that is only really just beginning.
I’m so excited for everyone to hear what is on the mixtape. Simz has already given us a taste of what is to come with the release of ‘3000x’ featuring Space Age members Josh Arce and Chuck20, and ‘Leave it as that’ featuring an overseas artist MeLo-X. The crowd was feeling every single sound that Simz threw at them and it was obvious that the time, effort and craft she has put in to creating this mixtape has been extremely worth it. Balistiq has also helped support Simz majorly by producing a couple of the songs on the mixtape. I know that as soon as the mixtape drops this week Thursday, I won’t be the only one hitting that download button. Although it’s hard to choose, the ‘Blank Canvas Interlude’ has to be the favourite track of mine as I love the beat and the way she paints the meaning of the mixtape through words.
I feel very proud of what Little Simz has achieved and feel privileged to know her as a friend as well as an artist because I know her raw talent is going to get her far in the industry along with the other members in Space Age. It’s rumoured that they could be working on an EP together but everyone has to wait and see. Space Age is also a big part of Blank Canvas because they are like her family as well as her musical team. She refers to them many times throughout her tracks as being this and her inspiration as well.

Make sure you’re all ready to hear Blank Canvas when it’s dropped and I will be releasing my exclusive short interview with her THIS FIRDAY, where we talk a bit about Blank Canvas. Who knows, you might even find out some things you never knew about Little Simz!

Photos taken by Ahron Arce

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