Thursday, 12 September 2013


So now we are drawing towards the end of Kojey Radical’s ‘CHAPTERTWO’ I am pleased to promote the release of one of my favourite performances of the night: ‘Scratch’ by Kojey Radical & Sam Henshaw. The official release date of the video is today, and shows the breathtaking and emotional performance of Kojey and Sam, however not forgetting Dee Faisal, his excellent guitarist with ‘intricate riffs and contemplative melodies’. The story of Kojey’s heartbreak can leave anyone feeling empathy for the poet, as he tells his story so well.  As I mentioned in my previous blog post I was in love with every performance of the night, and thought that each visual shown was magnificent.
‘CHAPTERTWO’ has been a major success so far. The Live show brought to us by PUSHCRAYONS was shown on 29.08.13, sold out an hour after its release and was packed on the day. Due to all the publicity Scratch has received, there is even a possibility of the release ‘Scratch 2’! Kojey raises the bar at each performance he does and will stop at nothing until he has reached his full potential, even though he already has the love from his fans. I briefly conversed with the man himself to find out how he has felt about the reaction of ‘CHAPTERTWO’ and the publicity it has received:
“Excited, simply because it’s nowhere near as good as what I’ve got next. If people are engaged now, I have no choice to raise their expectations and keep pushing.”
And with that said I can’t wait to see what Kojey has coming up next for us. It is even rumoured that Sam Henshaw could be joining PUSHCRAYONS team too! I will update readers on any more Kojey Radical events in the future so stay tuned if you want to be part of that.

Keep supporting the phenomenal Kojey Radical too and the PUSHCRAYONS team by watching their videos and following them on their journey. Below I have posted the link to their twitter pages.

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