Sunday, 6 October 2013

Knxwledge is Power

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So if you’ve tuned into my other playlists or follow me on twitter, you’d know that I have an undeniable love for Knxwledge and his beats. He is by far one of my favourite producers and the consistent releases of his beat tapes fill my ears with glorious sounds. Knxwledge (Glen Boothe) is originally from New Jersey but currently living in Los Angeles. He is a talented sample master, who makes the best out of already made tracks (mainly hip-hop and jazz) by deconstructing them and turning it into his own original sound, like a musical collage. Some of his unique sounds come from old vinyl’s (He is said to own thousands in an interview!), thick bass and drums as well as recent hip-hop. Knxwledge is appreciated by many musical individuals around him including Blu and Joey Bada$$ from Pro Era, who used one of Knxwledge’s beats ‘WhºK∆res’ for one of his well known tracks ‘Killuminati’, and ‘strtdfrmthebttm’ for ‘Killuminati Pt2’. Chuck Strangers from Pro Era is also neighbours with Knxwledge too.
Below I’ve created a playlist of my 20 favourite Knxwledge beats which were very hard to choose from as there are so many that I like. They are all from different tapes which are recent and old ( Knxwledge also recently released ‘Touching Bass’ ( which is 31:01 minutes of a collection of knxwledge of his old and new beats. I’m in love with the every minute of it and I advise all to listen. But anyway, here is my playlist with the mixtape names AND the links:

1.                   allusions[alwyse]- Hexual.Sealings.Prt.5 

2.                   Preservatives- Old.Klouds.LP
3.                   Feelin- Buttrskotch-LR023
4.                   iWill[TWRK]- [DB]FIXXX’s
5.                   Strtdfrmthebttm[TWRK]- WrapTaypes.PRT.5
6.                   SumthngNu- Flwrs.EP
7.                   Thttheme[TWRK]- WrapTaypes.PRT.5
8.                   Toffbroshn- Buttrskotch-LR023
9.                   A.W.O.L []TWRK]- WrapTaypes.PRT.5
10.               tombleweed[prttype][TWRK]- Hexual.Sealings.Prt5.5
11.               Akuvue- Ovrstnd.LP
12.               Bettryet- Konsistensi.EP
13.               BlowYuhMnd[TWRK]- Hexual.Sealings.Pt3.5
14.               Evrythngido[TWRK]- Hexual.Sealings.Prt.4.5
15.               Fornevr_- Ovrstand.B.Sde_
16.               Maykesince- togethrniss_∆_side
17.               NWOP[TWRK][*bowniss]- WrapTaypes.PRT.5
18.               Thnktwceagin[bootlg]- Hexual.Sealings.Prt5.5
19.               Feit_- togethrniss_∆_side
20.               Foranotherday- Gwapes.EP

Favourite Song: tombleweed[prttype][TWRK]

Favourite Beat Tape: WrapTaypes.PRT.5

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