Sunday, 6 October 2013


Kojey Radical is back again invading the minds of the people through his intricate poetry, with the release of what marks the end of the chapter two series: HOLYWATER. HOLYWATER is basically Kojey’s way of revealing himself, with the uncensored personal story from his past, and his rise after getting knocked down. He talks of many personal ordeals including how he was left in a state of depression from his past experience in the industry, His opinion on how the idols on TV has been replaced with internet stars, and performing in front of one of his idols Remel London from Link Up TV and facing rejection.
After listening to Holy Water I felt enlightened yet sad. Kojey has a gift where he can translate his words into emotions that he projects to the people that listen to his poetry. He is highly underrated which makes me question his rejection, but Kojey of all people know that everything happens for a reason, and good things come to those who wait.
Also in this highly creative visual, Kojey uses his articulate techniques to weave bible verse that then correlate with his past. There are no limits to his technical ability as he uses references of dates and quotes that are riddled throughout the visual and blend so well together. Also, with the help of CMPH (Co founder of the PUSHCRAYONS network and collective) who formulates these beautiful visuals that correlate so well with Kojey’s poetry and expose his experiences and emotions, It just adds to the uniqueness of what Kojey continues to offer.
Although HOLYWATER has set the bar for Kojey’s next body of work, we shall soon be introduced to Dee Faisal, who has come aboard the PUSHCRAYONS team. Dee is perfect in the way his emotive guitar sequences compliment Kojey’s poetry, and amplify the atmosphere with each layer of his guitar. His folk style of music also brings forth a different sound which also makes him even more interesting to listen to.
 I look forward to what Kojey is going to bring to the table next and as a supporter of his movement; this shall not be the last time you hear about him.
Below is the link to the PAGE006 HOLYWATER visual, so be sure to listen, watch and enjoy.

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