Saturday, 14 December 2013

Winter Playlist 013

So winter is here and I got the songs right here for you to vibe to this Christmas. With the only catch being that there are no Christmas songs. I hate that. But anyway I'm loving Beyonce's new Visual album and have already claimed Blow as my favourite song, but Queen B has definitely done well with this album. The videos are fantastic.
Here are the newest songs for the Winter playlist. You know the drill; old songs, new songs and mixed genres. 
If you can't find a song on Youtube it will most likely be on Soundcloud. 
Vibe out x

  1. Window Seat- Erykah Badu
  2. The world it softly lulls (Live version)- Hiatus Kaiyote
  3. Mood Blue 1.5- Josh Arce
  4. You owe me (Sango Edit)- Nas ft Ginuwine
  5. Gonna Make a change- Azizi Gibson x Jeremiah Jae
  6. (VIBE)rations- Iman Omari
  7. cLoud- Josh Arce
  8. Stay Ready- Jhene Aiko ft Kendrick Lamar
  9. tombleweed[prttype][TWRK]- Knxwledge (I'm sorry I just can't get bored of this one)
  10. Yu- Mellowhype
  11. Happy- Pharrell Williams
  12. UNO Stereo- InnerVisions
  13. Blow- Beyonce
  14. Party (Kaytranda remix)- Beyonce ft Andre 3000
  15. Muse (Sango bootleg)- Party Next Door

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