Thursday, 6 February 2014

Food and Lycra 1st Birthday

Food & Lycra are a group of three women who aim to inspire girls and women to be more passionate about being fit and healthy. They are taking over social networks by spreading their love for food and running, and showing us that exercising can actually be fun! Kimmayco, Seraphizm, and Supernoodlerach hosted the 1st birthday party Wednesday 5th February for their blogging sensation Food & Lycra, celebrating the achievements they have made over the year. I shall not reveal too much about them as I have an interview lined up later on in the issue, but let me tell you a bit about how the night went.
The party took place at the canal side restaurant ‘Ribeira’ on De Beauvoir Crescent. The location was beautiful, overlooking the canal side apartments and the restaurant was stunning inside. The atmosphere was great from the very beginning with everyone congratulation and supporting the girls, as well as socialising with friends and people they had never met before. The room radiated signs of food & Lycra with personalised pretty pink and white balloons, napkins and badges. The girls were also serving up a delicious main and desert for only a fiver. I ordered ‘AZN fried chicken bites with homemade bbq sauce and kew pie & buff chips’ with a ‘mini raspberry panna cotta’. The girls should really open a restaurant because everyone was in love with the dishes. The guests also enjoyed a wonderful performance from up & coming singer Rocky NTI whose unique voice captivated the audience. It was a great extra touch to the evening.
There were loads of incredible giveaways in the raffle including various vouchers, archery lessons for two, Lacoste Live polo shirts, clothing from an independent designer in Amsterdam, electronic calorie counters etc.
The night was a success for the girls and a real chance from them to show people what they stand for. This journey is only the beginning for Food & Lycra and the first of many celebrations for their achievements. I recommend to all girls and women to follow the movement of Kimmayco, Seraphizm, and Supernoodlerach and get inspired on how to get the body you desire in a happy and healthy way.

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