Sunday, 30 March 2014

20 MORE ways to be happy and creative

Following on from my blog-post last year august, I found 20 MORE ways to be happy and creative. Again this list can be useful to anyone looking to brighten up their life and feel happy about being creative. I even threw in some not-so creative point this time because happiness is the most important. Enjoy
p.s. If you missed my last post you can find it here
1.       Running
A great form of exercise for both your legs and your mind. Apparently running is said to make the brain function better. Moderate running is also said to help you cope with anxiety and stress.
2.       Fundraising

Have you always felt that little bit better from helping someone else in need? Why not make a difference to your community by finding ways to raise money. Self satisfaction is one of the best feelings ever.
3.       Museums
Museums are great places to find knowledge, and everybody knows knowledge is power. Living in London I find museums here are great places to go from studying to art to science to history.
4.       Zoos and Aquariums

When needing escape from the human race animals can be a more therapeutic option. Lots of people I know sometimes find solace in their furry friends.
5.       Re-decoration.

Fresh starts can start with a fresh room. Sometimes I like changing my room around just to feel in a different environment.
6.       Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks are one of my favourite things ever because I love documenting photos and memories. It feels good to look back on them.
7.       Environmentally friendly
Surround yourself in more peaceful and positive environments. Coffee shops and libraries seem to fill this description for me. Simply by the fact I’m surrounded by coffee or books.
8.       Skills
Learn a new skill? Join a class or club? Again, knowledge is power.
9.       Enter Competitions

I’m not talking about ‘is the right answer A,B or C’? I’m talking about competitions that challenge you to think; puzzles, writing competitions, art and design competitions etc. It’s even better if you win.
10.   Blogging and Vlogging

Start you own blog or vlog; write or rant about whatever you want. You don’t need even to show anyone, it can be private.
11.   Re-Design
Re-design your possessions. This could be your clothes! Instead of throwing away something you don’t like anymore, re-design it! Add to or take away parts of it.
12.   Save up, go abroad.
I’m not talking about travelling to the other side of the world; even just going to a new city like Paris, Amsterdam or Budapest. Enjoy someone else’s culture.
13.   Learn another language

I look at language as a form of spoken art and one of the coolest things ever. Learning a language can be so useful in terms of travelling, having a career and even in day to day life.
14.   Watch a new TV Series
TV may not always be good for you or the most creative thing ever but getting caught up in a new show can sometimes be a great distraction.
15.   A aspirations wall
Print pictures of all the things you want to have and achieve, as a reminder to yourself what to work for in the future.
16.   Work hard!

Working hard in everything you do is another form of self satisfaction. The rewards can sometimes be priceless.     
17.   Meet someone new
Or talk to someone you’ve never talked to before. It’s amazing what you can learn from other people.
18.   Learn a new word everyday
Expanding your vocabulary can be useful in all kinds of situations.
19.   Make a bucket list

A ‘bucket list’ is a list of things you want to do or achieve in the future. What do you want from life?
20.   Find out going on!

Go to events, shows and exhibition. You never know what you might see, what you might learn or who you might meet.

Song of the day:
Pharrell Williams- Happy 
(it was only right)

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