Friday, 4 April 2014

Featuring Fleur Noir

Another first interview done by me but instead with the upcoming young collective: ‘Fleur Noir’. The talented teens are spreading the word of their collective until everyone knows their names. For those unclear of what exactly it is their doing, I met up with the guys to do a quick interview and a shoot in the streets of London, to find out all about the upcoming projects they’ve got coming up, who inspires them and their concept:

So what are your names?

Sacha: There’s Pablo, Sam and Mal. I’m Cameron. Wait! Are we doing artist names or..? Yeah, stage name is Sacha, real name Cameron.

Why ‘Sacha’?

Sacha: Well basically that’s what I wanted to name my kid init. So I was like I might as well just name him something that’s kinda cool and plus I wanna have a good life and I want my kids to have a good life as well so if I do good in music..

Pullen: You’re representing him.

Sacha: Yeah, I’m representing before he even gets here.

So what do you guys do?

Sacha: Me, I’m like a rapper. I’m going to go into producing later on in the year; but right now mostly just rapping, chilling with these lot, making beats- I’ve just been helping these lot out with the samples and stuff like that. Networking as well; the last song I did was with a guy called ‘Phantom Bonehead’ who’s in another collective coming from my area, one of the only good ones around there. Yeah, they’re called ‘Soupa Kru’, we’ve been working with them lately. I’m working on a video too for one of my songs ‘Elderblossoms’ which is something I recorded when I was like, 14? It’s just a proper banger init, so we’re gonna do a video for that, get a little buzz, cus we haven’t released any visuals or videos yet so we plan to do that.

And who are your inspirations Sacha?

Sacha: I’d say Pablo Pullen. Yeah definitely Pablo. Rakim, also sometimes when I listen to Bob Marley I guess you just got to keep the good vibes init. I like Lauryn Hill, people like that, the old school people, not too much of this new stuff. Also like MF DOOM, Casey Veggies, just creative rappers who make me want to be creative as well, not just sticking to the same old trap shit.

What about you Mal?

Mal: Well i’m Malini, but everyone calls me Mal. I do photography, and I want to start doing Videography, like it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. But yeah it’s mostly photography that’s my passion.

Sacha: Yeah she’s really good at making videos.

Pullen: Yeah she’s doing work for me as well.

And who inspires you?

Mal: I’m going to say my dad mostly, because he’s the one who boosts me to do everything, he’s the one that brought me the camera, he’s the one always asking me if I need any help with anything,  just giving me confidence about how good my photography is and stuff. I’ve also got to say Cameron, Sam, and Pablo. Not because it’s like cliché but they’ve also boosted my confidence, taking me in and making me feel allot better about my photography. Yeah, we’re a family.

What about you Pullen?

Pullen: I’m Pullen. Also known as Pablo Pullen. Most of the time I’m working on art, especially artworks. I’m the co-founder like Sacha, it was pretty cool how it started. So yeah I just organise stuff, make art and a bit of music in my spare time, but I’m still learning.

What is the concept of Fleur Noir?

Pullen: We’re just doing it because...we want to.

Sacha: It’s just kind of like a network thing because we’re not with each other most of the time. So we’ll be like ‘hey what you doing?’ someone pops up like ‘yeah I’m recording’ I’ll be like ‘I’m going studio today’ and they’ll be like ‘yeah I made a beat’ so it’s just like everyone’s sending everyone their work. Mal will send everyone photos, same with Sam who’s also in Fleur Noir.

Everyone: Yeah he ghosts [Laughs]

Pullen: But when he comes he always got new sick photography. But as well, with the musicians we listen to- Lauryn Hill especially- we thought with the lyrics, music is suppose to inspire and I was just getting my hair cut listening to it. And that created our own ethic, we’ve all got our own views on what we’d like to achieve, inspire allot of people, and change the views of the youth today in a sense...towards each other; It’s a vicious circle to be in.

And who inspires you Pullen?

Pullen: Michael Jackson definitely. I use to dance around my room to his songs. I also listen to allot of Travis Scott and J Dilla too...It sounds stupid to say but Kayne too. Like the only people I listened too when I was younger that are still good today are Kanye and Micheal Jackson. But I listen to the Maccabees and Kooks and stuff. I love my rap though.

Look out for Sacha’s exciting video ‘Elderblossoms’ coming out this Summer, look forward to the unique artwork of Pullen and keep an eye out for the amazing photography of Mal and Sam. Fleur Noir is definitely not a collective young individuals to sleep on.

Fleur Noir





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