Monday, 12 May 2014

Hypethrash Studios

Last month I did an amazing shoot with the creative director of Hypethrash Studios Martin Simmons. We got some great shots for the look book of his Spring 2014 campaign. Here is the interview I did with the upcoming designer Martin to find out the story behind his clean cut collection.

Who is part of Hypethrash Studios?

"Karina & Martin."

How old are you guys?

"18 & 19."

What are the concepts behind the brand?

"Hand made in London, England. Hypethrash Studios an independent design collective based on minimal aesthetics, predominantly black. Comprised of t-shirts, hoodies and prints that are hand-printed using the best paper, the most vibrant ink, and the softest of garments. Our designs are reduced to the fundamental, the essential, the necessary and stripping away the ornamental layers that might be placed on to. Revolving around more white-space, better typography, less colour and communicating via as few design elements as possible."

What different parts do you play in terms of the production of the brand?

"I am the Art Director, I have a major input in the whole aesthetic of the brand. I also work with Karina, a Creative Consultant."

Where do you get your inspiration from?

"From everywhere, ranging from architecture to nature and also art movements such as post modernism and minimalism."

Your clothing is predominately black. Why is this?

"It was never a conscious decision to make it all black, our designs just looks more effective by using that colour as a platform. Black is also less distracting, it allows the viewer to focus on the design element on the garment."

What do you think makes your brand unique from other young people designing a clothing collection?
"The Internet does not inspire us. We pay a lot of attention to develop our aesthetic. Our aim is to push the boundaries of the term 'streetwear'. We don’t just want to make clothes; we want to branch into other mediums of expression."

3 Words to describe the Hypethrash brand?

"Clean. Innovative. Post Modern."

How would you like to take the brand further?

"Branch into more creative mediums such as design identities, sculpture, interior design, album design, photography, art, furniture and so on. The aim is to be able to bring our ideas to life and showcase them."

Who would you love to see wearing your designs?

"Anyone really, no matter who you are or where you’re from."
To see more images from the shoot check out the 'Hypethrash website' or my photography blog 'Sirius Photos'. To see more of Martin's work check out his personal website 'Homme Martin'. Also follow Martin and Karina on twitter.
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