Friday, 18 April 2014

Saturday Night

Today's blog post is a feature on soulful Bronx producer Tut-Piece. Yes, all the way from New York City. Tut-Piece produces beats with a soulful jazzy vibe, and hip hop instrumentals. Read below to find out a bit more about who he is, his latest beat tape 'Saturday Night' and his musical influences.

"My name is Tut-Piece yes like the chain (haha), I'm a huge Nas fan and during his album 'Untitled' release he wore a huge Tut-Piece chain so I pretty much got my name from there. Also being that my family is from Ghana I think the representation of a African king is befitting of me (haha) but in serious I personally feel that it my way of representing my Gold Coast roots."

"I was born in raised in New York the Bronx to be exact for pretty much my entire life. I've been producing for roughly about 4-5 years w/ my childhood friend and co-producer Roku, we make up the production group called the Ivy-League Zombie."

 "My tape is pretty much ode to the 80's era of music. I'm a huge 80's movie fanatic and I just love the style, vibe and overall feel the 80's era gave off in regards to music so I said why not give people a taste of that classic funk/soul? My dream is pretty much to receive the nod if you will from one of my idols within the production realm such as 'The Alchemist, Madlib, Black Milk, Oh No, 9th Wonder, Onra' to name a few."

"I could care less about money it's more about respect with me, nothing would make me more content then knowing that producers I look up to enjoying my music/instrumentals."

"People who inspire me to create to name a few range from all genres of music from Elton John to The Foreigners, From the The Whispers to Brian McKnight, From The Alchemist to J Dilla. These people to name a few inspire me to want to create all types of genres of music"  

For the free download to 'Saturday Night's' click the link to Tut-Piece's Bandcamp:

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  1. Music is the best way of coomunication. This is an interesting post. I like Bronx and also jazzy vibe. Thank you for the post and also bringing these tracks on the post.