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Today's feature takes a whole new creative turn, as I reveal my interview with upcoming contemporary artists Pure Anubi$ and Mumblez Black Ink, who make up their art creative Black.Anubi$. Some of you may recognise them as the artist who kept appearing on your Tumblr login page but they are so much more than that. With this being the first interview they've done, you will finally be given a clearer indication to who they are and what they're all about. Black.Anubi$ have their own unique and interesting concepts when it comes to art including their theme of dreality. I decided to find out more about their views on art and what it means to them, and their future plans to dominate the art world.

How long have you guys known each other?

Anbui$: Ayy we’ve known each other since, 2012 init? We met on the foundation course October times at Ravensbourne. I didn’t like the n-gga at first though, not gonna lie to you. He use to ride round on some skateboard, and he couldn't ride the skateboard as well, you know them ones? And man had them fucking baggy jeans..

Mumblez: Nahh this guy use to wear his hoodie without the 'pully' strings, and then he had these combat trousers...

Anubi$: Don’t hate on the combat trousers!

Mumblez: He use to put sandwiches in the trouser legs. And I thought this guys dead I don’t like him. But yeah we were on the same course where we met each other, and he was talking to my boys and I didn’t wanna talk to him so I aired him. And then he was like ‘la la la Anime...Bleach’ and then I was like ‘Oh, you watch Bleach?’ he was like ‘Yeah’  then I’m think okay alright still not gonna be your friend. So I was like 'cool whatever'. And then he started talking more, and then he said something about bearings for skateboards. And I was like ‘Wait! You skate?’ and he was like ‘Yeah’ and I was like...

Anubi$/Mumblez: Ayyyyyyyy

Mumblez: Then there was the Boondocks conversation, and then we started talking from then, rolled out and left everyone behind.

What is the concept of Black.Anubi$?

Mumblez: Black.Anubi$ is a verging of two roads, so my world as ‘Mumblez black Ink’ and Ime’s world as ‘Pure Anubi$’. The way we incorporate the glitch, and the warps and so on that you see, is the glue between the two worlds, and between the world of the dream and the reality, which is how you get the mixture of dreality. So it’s basically surreal amongst the real and being able to live among normality and everyday life, but having very high aspirations and being able to live in your mind basically.

Anubi$: What people need to realise as well is that we’re not just glitch artist, we don’t just do glitch. Glitch is a thing that we’re just doing now to experiment with, basically. So this is just something we’re working with now really and truly. Black.Anubi$ is dreality, and we've got a whole explanation on our website of dreality.

From the Gold.Lick$ collection
Mumblez: So it’s not just glitching, it’s more than that. But right now, it’s basically split into universes. So this is like one universe with different places within that universe- like different planets- so you’ve got ‘Gold.Lick$’, you have ‘Grape’, you have all the different collections within it. And then later on as we grow as people and artists, we’ll have a completely different approach on our art as well. So it may be glitch, it may not be glitch, it may have elements of glitch, it may just be elements of distorted art, because glitch is more than just you man who keep liquefying shit, and it’s more than putting bars and lines on shit. It’s everything in it, things that are not the norm.

How did you come up with the idea?

Mumblez: Basically when we were chilling, we use to chill- and when I say chill we use to chilllllllllllll-  10am to 11pm, chat shit, just all day. So I was like ‘Yeah we need to work on something’ and Ime was like ‘Yeah casj’ but it was like one of them things where we kept saying it. So one day I came in class and I was like ‘Yo every man shut up. Ime, fam, listen to this: Black.Anbui$.’ He was like ‘:O’ and I was like ‘WAIT....The Black.Anubi$ collection.’ Then he was like 'fuck it' and walked out the room. And everyone else was just like ‘what?

Anubi$: They didn't understand and that’s a good thing.

Where do you gain your inspiration from?

Anubi$: Well for me, how I see it is, first things first, is that we just kind of have inspiration from life. Black Anubi$ started and at first it was just us doing drawings, watercolours, collages and it was like, wait this is dead. So then we just moved on, took trips skating, went around and about, went to events and shit and experienced more. And then we started going to exhibitions. And then for me, we went to the Saatchi towards the end of summer last year, and we saw this artist called Sean Dack, who had this glitch piece which I can’t remember the name of, but it had all these numbers in it, it was crazy, and it had this one eye there; and like my whole art was about capturing the female form, because the female form inspires me, so in terms of that Sean Dack really started it, because that’s when we started to have a solid idea of where we wanted to go with the glitch kind of thing. Glitching is basically like a type of mutation.

Mumblez: My inspiration is just grungy dirty shit. I like scenery. He likes the female form. I like it too but I get mainly inspired by sceneries and just situations. So for example where we are now [In a coffee shop] and how it’s captured. I like atmosphere as well, like very eerie atmosphere where you feel like someone viewing the art. You’re in the situation. So basically the camera lens becomes your eye- if that makes sense- so it feels like you’re looking straight at the thing in that situation. And as for the Sean Dack thing, after we found that we just sat back, because with me I’m the kind of person who likes to let things marinate with my mind and approach it, because if I approach it right there in the moment it will be exactly the same as what I saw. So we just researched it researched it researched it and then figured out how and why we were going to do it. So that way whenever people saw it they wouldn't really have to question why we were doing it.

Where do you get your images from that you use?

Anubi$: At first it was just images online that we found on Tumblr and shit, but when it really started to pop off is when we had fashion magazines at our uni in the library. And then we were just looking at them and I said to myself: I wanna capture the female form.

Mumblez: DON’T say the word of what we do.

Anubi$: Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Mumblez: Don’t let yourself slip up.

Anubi$: So we had these books and we collected these images, and then we...

Mumblez: ‘WARPED them’

Anubi$: ‘MAGICALLY GLITCHED them’ and yeah that’s where we started to get the images from.

Chidera // original piece
Mumblez: And then the first original thing we done was when we were just chilling with Chidera- I like to call her Chidera because that is a piff name- but yeah chilled with Chidera and then we done a video and it wasn’t really a proper shoot, more like just ‘hey let’s just shoot you for fun and see what we can do with it’ so that way we own everything. And yeah it worked, so we’re just finishing the photos for that now.

So are you looking to incorporate your own photography within your work?

Anubi$: Yessssss, we have the biggest ideas for photo shoots and shit. But you see we’re trying to start off small, so we’re just doing little things here and there. But yeah we’ve got these huge fucking ideas. It’s just about trying to put things together. It’s not a thing where it only looks good in my head; we definitely have ideas to shoot things 100% our own.

Mumblez: Yeah everything you’ve seen so far- this is to everybody- has been experimental sketchbook work. So thank you for supporting it. Its just stuff we're sitting in boxes doing (no homo), lounging in the sitting room doing shit at random times where we’re like ‘Ayyy’...

Anubi$: Nahh n-gga we glitch in caves; we the Batmen. We don’t glitch in living rooms we glitch in caves under the waterfalls...

Mumblez: We chill in Nehmy’s hair fam. We use it as the gold, we do mad tings.

Wow. So who have you collaborated with recently?

From the NVRMND Clothing look book
Anubi$: The most recent one was the one with ‘NVRMND Clothing’ which is this LA based clothing brand. We did a glitch look book with them. I’ve never really seen a glitch look book before so I thought cool let’s do this.

Mumblez: Shout out to Ryan Hawaii though. He saw it and was like ‘ayy I wanted to be the first one to do this!’

Anubi$:In terms of collabs though we’ll just say ‘NVRMND clothing’ because we've got collabs in mind but they have yet to happen this year.

Mumblez: The thing is that, I don’t say shit because people say so much shit and then you’re like ‘Ay, I thought you were doing this?’ and they’re like ‘Yeah, kinda flopped still’

Mumblez you also do music, tell us about your latest Album?

Mumblez: The album ‘808INK: An artistic piece’ is one of many soundtracks for Black.Anubi$. So basically what it is, me and my producer 808 Charmer made it while my knee was broken, so I had allot of time off from work. But we basically just cooked something up because we wanted to make it. I was angry when we made it because I was pissed off with everybody. So yeah it just came out well and we had allot of reception from it. Shout out to Nehmy, his positive mentality helped the album a lot. And shout out to Ime who ghost wrote and ghost produced. Ime Yeezus. But it’s just all fun really. I like to make money and shit off what I do but I just wanna continue having fun because that’s how I get the best out of what I do.

And Mumblez why do you hide your identity?

Anubi$: I’m gonna answer this question. This guy doesn’t even hide his identity, he just doesn’t reveal it.

Mumblez: I work harder than I take selfies.

Anubi$: It was my idea really to hide the identity of Mumblez because what we’re trying to do is transfer the artwork into the videos.

Mumblez: When you are a so called creative artist or whatever, you have to perform. Performing isn’t just dancing or wearing something really strange and standing in front of a statue wearing a mask. If you have a mask cool! Like, I will have a mask but my mask has a concept and it’s relevant to the whole story line of everything I’m saying. Do what you like init. Sometimes you have no reason to do things which is fine, but when you’re constantly recycling something, bring in a new concept because it’s not new anymore, therefore it’s just too much of the same shit.

What do you think differentiates you from other artists that glitch?

Anubi$: What differentiates us is the fact that we have such a solid concept behind us and it does come across in our work. Like when we explain the idea of dreality to people, and how each collection has its own different role to it, it does blow people’s minds/ Like for example one of the collections called ‘Gold.Lick$’ like it means something to me, when I had a dream I was submerged in gold, and going through the cycle of life gaining something and losing something. So I thought, okay, taking that concept and that vicious cycle and glitching and distorting it. So you get that fool’s gold getting distorted into something else raw and uhhh.

Mumblez: As well I feel like art isn't appreciated nowadays because it’s put out so much. There’s so much of it because it’s so highly demanded. So I like the fact that we've been able to produce work that people have to decode and pay attention to. Like if we done another black and white picture in a white background, it’s like ‘next, scroll down’ but if someone does a Picasso in this 2014 modern day, it’s like WOW. Like Pullen, when you see Pullen’s work you have to look at it and figure out what’s going on. And what’s sick about it is that you have to pay attention. It’s like the difference between talking to someone whilst on the laptop and talking to someone in front of you and looking into their eyes, acknowledging every single detail of that person, because you’re taking the time to look at and appreciate that person.

Anubi$: another example, right now we look at and see is this unnecessary trend of minimalism. And me, I love minimalism, like i would incorporate that in my own life with my house and stuff, but when I look at it in Art, a lot of the time it looks just boring...

Mumblez: We have so many colours, so many materials, and so many things. Like my whole thing is oxymoron’s, juxtapositions, contradictions, so even though we’re called Black.Anubi$ we use colour. We do what we feel like doing and we have fun. Basically we are like two five year old kids with access to the world and its supplies.

Would you ever sell your artwork?

Anubi$: It’s only a matter of time to be honest. When we feel like people are ready to buy this, they will buy it.

Mumblez: Art can always be bought.

Who would you love to work with in the future?

Mumblez: Iman Omari!

Ime: So many people really. I would love to work with David Salle, who is a New York painter that inspired us on the maximalism trend that we kind of had.

Mumblez: I would also love to work with collage artist Dani Sanchez. Also shout out to Drew Cox, Christina Ebenezer, Eric Stilo. Those 3 main people because that’s who we work with when it comes to the videos and photo shoots and stuff.


If you would like to follow the Black.Anubi$ guys and their journey of dreality follow them on twitter and tumblr:

Twitter: Anubi$Mumblez
Black Anbui$ Tumblr

Also, don't forget to check out their new website: where you can see their latest collections.

If you still haven't heard the ‘808INK: An artistic piece’ album download for free on bandcamp
808INK: an Artistic piece. cover art

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