Sunday, 11 May 2014


Today's feature is on London based producer, Irn.Guru. With beats that provide a relaxed mood and unique simplicity, I was quite in love with his sounds. He is also out with a new beat tape 'The great Animal Kingdom' alongside a musician 'Ruckoon', which you can find here or on Soundcloud. Find out a bit more about him below and check out some of his other beat tapes.

"My name is Adam Terrelonge and i'm 18. But nowadays I go by Irn.Guru instead of Buugi."

Check out Adam's beat tape on bandcamp

"I live in London now but I was born in Camden. I have a Caribbean upbringing."

" I've been producing for a long time. Most of my friends were into music ie: band and classic instruments. So I've been trying to produce for about 3 years but have only delved into production properly from November till now. The hype is unbelievable."

"The beat tape that I've made is more on the chill side- a lot less experimental and has a very relaxed vibe, despite working at a rapper's pace. Another mix tape that I've made however, called 'he Great Animal Kingdom' alongside a new artist called 'Ruckoon' has more style. A lot of experimental, jazzy, hard style. I'm very excited for when it is released 1st 
of May"

"Sounds rather cliche but I don't consider my music, or music in general as some money making scheme. If I made sales that'd be great definitely but for my future it isn't something that I'm aspiring to. My future dreams would be to work with a lot more people. I love that idea of a musical community where you all bounce ideas off each other. What I've formed with Ruckoon, now called Rana (Raa-Naa) is something that I've been wanting to do for a long time. But yeah, working with more people definitely."

"The "go to" for producers is J Dilla but I've only got into his stuff recently. I've been inspired by who I was brought up on. That being Wu-Tang, Mos Def, MF DOOM and I've been listening to Apollo Brown, Ahmad Jamal and some others. Those guys push the boundaries of music for me and that's what it's all about. Another inspiration of mine is also my girlfriend."

For Link's to Irn.Guru's music, click the link to his bandcamp and soundcloud:

[free download]

Here is some more Work from Irn.Guru:

Blind cover art  dumb. cover art


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