Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ryan Hawaii

A new emerging designer that was been catching my attention recently is creator of the brand 'nubeing', Ryan Hawaii. With futuristic themed prints and bold static colours, I wanted to know more about the man himself whose ideas fuel these designs. I also got some some shots of Hawaii that you can find here and on my second blog 'Sirius Photos'. For now kick back, relax and read about where it all began for Ryan Hawaii.

Who are you, what do you do?

"My name is Ryan Hawaii and I'd describe myself as a young creative as I create across different formats such as art, design, fashion and music."

In terms of 'nubeing' clothing, what is the meaning behind the brand?

nubeing edits [1]
"The aim is to reach the future before everyone else, which is why it's called nubeing."

Define ‘connecting the future?

"I believe that myself and my peers are already the future and we just need to connect ourselves to the world in order to be the future, nubeing is a medium that is currently doing that." 

Explain the edits? What does the use of colour symbolise?

"Due to this current collection being the 'Dark Collection' I wanted to contrast this with bright colours, also as the concepts are often based on modern technology the colours also represent static."

Do you have a team that help with the designs?

"No. I do everything to do with nubeing alone, however I would like to get a select few creatives to work alongside me such as my peers from Neverland Clan." 

Skepta representing the nubeing brand
You’ve got well know UK artist Skepta wearing your designs? What kind of attention/responses have you received from that?

"That did well for me. He is connecting us to the world. Love to him for that, he's a humble guy."

Who else would you like to see wearing your designs?

"I aim for influential people in London to wear my pieces before going worldwide, people such as Darq E Freaker, Kruz Leone, BEV LDN etc. But primarily, my closest peers (Neverland) and people who genuinely like the brand." 

Where does the customising of shoes come from? 

"I wanted to take something so common to people and make it into art. So I produce them in 1/1 quantities to make them art." 

Do you do it to specific types of shoes or any?

"Any leather shoes but I particularly like, Nike, Vans and Reebok."  

1/1 shoe designs
What brands inspire you?

"None, I believe we are all equal to a certain degree, some are just undiscovered." 

Where do you shop?

"Erm, if I don't wear my own stuff it's usually second hand stuff or essentials (jeans etc) I only really shop for trainers, I love Vans Sk8 Hi's."  

So let’s talk about your music, what direction are you heading in with that?

"I am looking to release a LP later this summer entitled 'Projection' and will drop some videos for that very soon, then after that it's tapes with my Neverland Clan producers 'Omelet' & 'Arthur Nightshift'. The tape with Omelet will be called 'Playstation'."  

So you’re clearly very creative, do you study any forms of art?

"I've just finished a Foundation at UAL in Graphics, but other than that no."  
nubeing edits [2]

What is the most important objective for you in terms of spreading the word of Nubeing?

"Reputation and respect. If people like the brand then talent will always emerge."  

Where would you like to see Nubeing in the future?

"I would like to see Nubeing worldwide and 10 years ahead of its time always. I'd like to think its in 2024 now haha." 

If you are feeling futuristic guru Ryan Hawaii, follow his movement on:
Twitter//Soundcloud// and don't forget to support nubeing on tumblr//nubeing.bigcartel

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  1. There are so many designers out there trying to earn thermselves a name. Considering that a self-taught, multitalented Rayan Hawaii really stands out.