Thursday, 12 June 2014

Dear Daisy

To celebrate the release of Kojey Radical's latest work of art 'Dear Daisy' I caught up with him and his right hand-man/guitarist Dee Faisal, to find out what they've been getting up to and why YOU need to hear 'Dear Daisy'. I have always been very passionate about the movement of 'Push Crayons' from the start, and this is merely only the beginning for them.

Kojey you have come so far in the past year, what has the journey been like for you?

 Kojey: Its not even the beginning yet. Its been humbling to say the least. I always try to be two or three steps ahead of myself anyway. If youre impressed now, give me a few more months. Youll be blown away. My best work is yet to come.

Dee, What were you doing before you met Kojey?

Dee: Before I met Kojey I was working on my own music, session work for people on guitar and just crafting myself as a songwriter.

You guys obviously have a connection, how has your relationship developed since first working together? 

Dee: When I first met Kojey he approached me at Acoustic Afternoon, after I finished my set for an artist. He was booked for the next event and wanted a guitar behind his poetry. I have never worked with a poet before so I was interested with what this could be as a sound. I was impressed with his lyric concepts and how he writes. From this we have become brothers and the level of understanding each other with poetry and music is not just with me on guitar and a poet saying what he needs to say but fusing the two together to make a unique sound and feeling. To be moved by both elements I find is important and from all the gigs we have done, it seems like this has been happening.

Kojey: Dee helped me understand I was a lot more musically capable then I was previously aware. Its always been more than music though, thats my brother. Weve been on stage in nearly every kind of situation and 9 times out of 10 I dont even need to look back, I know Dee has got me or I know he knows where im about to go next.

What were you guys like back in Secondary School? 

Dee: This is a funny question for me, I never went to Secondary School.

Kojey: I was a dweeb. Im still a dweeb, my voice just got a little louder.

You guys do some shows in pretty cool places, what's it been like preforming for large crowds? 

Dee: Performing in front of large crowds is always an amazing feeling. Its a rush. Thats all I can say that it is a rush.

Kojey: I always put my self in the position of the pro boxer. I watch documentaries on old boxing legends and fighters. Its that fighting spirit I find admirable. Even before we met each other, we had to fight so hard to make it on to bigger stages. Practicing. Practicing. Practicing. Failing. Trying again. Big or small every fight is the same.

What has been your most memorable performance?

Dee: 'Be Discovered' has to be the most memorable performance, that night was just a huge step to the next stage of where we are all going as artists and as a collective. 'Be Discovered' was crazy.

Define 'Dear Daisy', what is the story behind it? 

Kojey: The idea of Dear Daisy originally arose in 2009 with a series of poorly written sappy love poems I had made for a girl I had a crush on, in which I would imagine the stages of our never to be relationship ( merely to hide the fact I wasnt very good at communicating how I feel ) and placing them into a poetic narrative. The idea had potential, the original content how ever is appalling.

Conceptually it was something I always knew I wanted to revisit, I was just very unsure how. The idea, since its reawakening, went through a series of transformations beginning even more convoluted than it is now in its current state.

Dear Daisy is a lot of things. Its nothing at all. You just have to experience it.

How long have you been working on 'Dear Daisy'? 

Kojey: Since November? We finished it in May. So like 7 months? The whole process didnt take that long though. November is just when I started connecting again.

What is your part to play in 'Dear Daisy' Dee? 

Dee: Dear Daisy was not really in my hands because of university, I played guitar in one song. But watching Kojey grow in a new sound was great to see.

Are their any collaborations within Dear Daisy? 

Kojey: Yeah, Ego Ella May, Miraa May and Zulu. There was more collaborations, those are the ones that made the project. I have a great working relationship with all those artists. Me and Ego have a love child together. Miraa is one of my best friends so thats family, so is Zulu. Thats my brother from another.

When is the show!?

Kojey: Soon! Itll probably be a secret show. Intimate, for the real supporters. Maybe July? Dont hold me to it.

I see you have been including more music within your spoken word as well as singing! are you working with more producers/musicians? 

Kojey: Definitely. Trying to work on my versatility. Im confident in my ability and I bring that confidence to every session. Whether were working on folk guitar records, trap, hip hop, indie rock. I want to make it just exciting for who ever im working with as it is for me.

What are you plans for the future? And Do you plan on opening up the world of 'Push Crayons' to any more members? 

Dee: For me the future as a producer/ musician I just want to be successful, to bring myself to work with the greats, and share stages with people that I admire. As for Push Crayons its up to Kojey on the members side of things.

Kojey: Maybe. If it makes sense, then definitely. Push Crayons isnt really about the members. Most people dont even know whos in it at the moment. Its about the work. Making great art.

Art and Fashion also seem to be creative cultures that are important within your lifestyles. What is the next step for you there?

Dee: I just feel like its important to always look good, being presentable because you never know who you will bump in to on the streets, they could be important so just making sure you look good is a key factor to me. The culture as a whole is something that I have always kept close to me as being in the music industry showing diversity will show other that you are more than what meets the eyes.

Kojey: Keep collaborating. Keep creating. Keep going. Ive always been fashion inclined. I just graduated from London College of Fashion… im not sure how much credibility that gives me but maybe I can spazz out in an interview somewhere down the line like Kanye. I BOUGHT THE VELVET UNDERPANTS TO FENDI 9 YEARS AGO.

Top 3 inspirations?

Dee: This is a difficult question, because I have so many inspirations but if I have to put them in to a Top 3, the current Top 3 I would call it is: 
Nitin Sawhney
John Mayer
Michael Jackson

Kojey: Batman
Yasiin Bey

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