Sunday, 15 June 2014

Tyler Major

Taking it Global again, my latest interview is with rapper/producer Tyler Major, all the way from the US state Georgia. Affiliated with 'Pyramid Vrita' - part of the duo 'The Jet Age of Tomorrow'- Odd future's 'The Internet' and collective 'Nobody Really Knows',Tyler Major has already formed strong connections within the music industry. With great talent and potential, this artist is sure to be breaking through the industry very soon.

What name do you go by?

"Tyler Major is my stage name and government name."

How old are you and where are you from?

"I'm 21 years old and i'm from Powder Springs, Georgia."

How long have you been rapping and producing?

"I've been rapping since 2003 as a 6th grader. So like 11 years now. I didn't get into producing until I linked with NRK in 2008. So i've been producing for 6 years now."

Tell us a bit about 'Nobody Really Knows'?

"Nobody Really Knows is a collective of 11 individual artists ranging between 20-22 years old that grew up together in high school. The majority of us rap and produce. We just like to push boundaries musically and experiment. Something people don't know about us is how passionate and excited we are about music. With NRK, hearing a 8 second bass line from a Weather Report or a hidden song on a N.E.R.D. album, inspires full albums. That's just how we have always been. The smallest things that excite us in music, inspire us to create to the fullest and execute."

Describe your latest EP, and the moods and vibes you've created?

"Since my last solo full length project, 'Alone In His Meadow Garden' in 2011, I haven't really released any new music with my own production other than features. So this EP collection was something I decided to release to hold people over until my next full length album, 'Fuchsia'. The EP collection consists of 3 EPs. 'After Gardens &; Meadows' EP, which are unreleased songs since 2011. 'Colours From The Valley' EP, a relaxing instrumental EP that you can walk or read to. The 'Indajeep' EP is me rapping as my other persona, 'TMaj The Sage', over screwed production I made. Because I grew up on chopped & screwed music and love it."

You appear to have quite a few collaborations with Pyramid Vritra, How do you think you compliment each other?

"Vritra is like my brother. Musically and personally we just click. We are inspired by the same music so its natural that we "get" what the other is trying to do musically. Its really easy working with Vritra."

Who else have you collaborated with and would like to collaborate with?

"I collaborated with Gary Wilson for my next album, 'Fuchsia'. Gary is a heavy influence and one of my favorite musicians. So that was a big deal for me. Other people i would like to work with is Afta-1, Chad &; Pharrell, Dam Funk, Bj√∂rk, Machinedrum, a ton of people."

Would you ever consider coming to London to chill and preform?

"I've always wanted to perform and hang out in London. I definitely want to try the food."

Future dreams?

"Have my music played on the HGTV, a cooking show, or in elevators, keep pushing genre boundaries and making people feel good." 

How would you define your persona in 3 words?

"Present, calm, passionate."

What are you doing when you're not in the studio?

"Hanging with the other NRK pyramids whether it be hooping or just kicking it."

What other artists are you currently listening to?

"Right now i've been listening to Lonnie Liston Smith, Mort Garson, N.E.R.D, Afta-1, Clara Hill, and Stereolab. For the most part i'm listening to relaxing music on the regular."

Who are your inspirations?

"My inspiration would definitely be Mort Garson. Primarily for his attention to detail and his masterpiece album, Plantasia. He was always so creative as a composer. Changing his sound with every release so effortlessly. That's what i strive for. 

Where can we find your music/ previous EP collections?

And don't forget to follow Tyler on Twitter & Soundcloud.

taken form Prefix Mag

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