Tuesday, 12 August 2014

808INK . Full English (piece 02.)

If you've read my interview with the talented art duo 'Black.Anubi$', you would know the story behind Mumblez and his EP 'an Artistic piece'. 808 Charmer and Mumblez Black Ink are what form the hip-hop collective '808INK'.

The guys are proud to announce the release of a video for their second track on the EP 'Full English'. The video is said to be the first of a three-part video series that the guys are working on. The video carries strong aspects of their theme 'Dreality', a concept they push through into their artwork.

The song was even featured on Noisey where the track was described as:

''Sitting somewhere between Balam Acab and Clams Casino, the first taster from 808INK is brilliant.''

I could go on and on about the reasons you need to watch this video NOW but i'll just leave it to you to make the right decision to click play on the video link below.

If you still haven't read the Black.Anubi$ Interview check it out here NOW:
The Black.Anubi$ Interview

Download the EP on Bandcamp

Follow the guys on twitter:

808INK: an Artistic piece. cover art

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