Friday, 29 August 2014

Fady Elsayed

Recently I spent the afternoon shooting with a friend of mine that I greatly admire, Fady Elsayed. Most of you will recognise him for his exceptional acting in the awarding winning British Drama 'My brother the Devil'. Growing up I have seen him become a gifted individual with a talent that the film industry has been waiting for. With Fady I had some time to talk to him about his current life situations and growing career. Here is a short interview of how things are going for him.

How has life changed since my brother the devil?

"Dramatically. It has opened so many doors for me. The acclaim myself and the film got really helped me put my name on the map. It's a great feeling to be acknowledged for your work." 

What other projects have you been working on since?

"Since My brother the Devil I have been cast in several movies and TV shows like Silent Witness BBC, Penny Dreadful alongside Eva Green. Tyrant for 20th Century Fox."

Are you working on anything at the moment?

"I am. I wish I could tell you but I have some very exciting upcoming projects."

You get allot of love on social networking sites. How do you deal with the attention?

"The only annoying part about the attention is that my battery dies very quick. Apart from that I love the support I receive and appreciate the consistency my supporters show." 

What has been your most challenging role yet?

"I would say Penny Dreadful as I had to play a Vampire who spoke Arabic." 

What things do you do to relax?

"Star gazing, praying, reading, watching films."

You are considered part of the Space Age movement, who are they to you?

"They are my best friends. From young I was always told to surround myself with positive people and I couldn't have asked for better friends. They are constantly positive and always inspiring me daily. Everyone has ambition and is hungry to achieve their goal. We have a lot in common." 

Are you in love?


Top 3 Favourite movies?

"Dallas Buyers Club, My Brother the Devil, Basketball Diaries."

Who inspires you outside of acting?

"Little Simz. Every artist should work on perfecting there craft. I have grew up with Little Simz and watched her master her craft into an artist which i strongly believe is the best out. I hope to be the best in my field someday. In fact I will be." 

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  1. great interview! loved reading through your blog x

  2. you are really beautiful and i loved reading this question and answer format interview. you seem to be quite an interesting person