Tuesday, 21 April 2015


I can't believe I haven't written a blogpost since October 2014! However, I shall be back very soon with some more content including cool features and very special interviews. I've been working alot on my photography website and instagram Sirius Film (previously known as 'HIWTHIA'). If you haven't seen my work then I promise you it's worth checking out.
I've also taken time out to focus on my studies and am excited to be starting a degree with the UAL family later on this year. You can read all about my photography final major project in my first ever interview with the very cool girl culture blog Superhero Mag.
I have also been trying to find motivation within myself. I've been to so many events, concerts, exhibitions and museums trying to find inspiration for both Sirius Film and Sirius Mode. I have spent time hanging out and conversing with alot of creatives, especially some of my friends in Neverland Clan, who I've collaborated with for photography and video based projects. I will be posting some of my work with them in due time.
For now, I will slowly be building Sirius Mode back up again. I have some great people lined up for interviews and possibly some follow-up interviews with creatives I've spoken to in the past. I want to work more with moving image and I will definitely be posting more of my photography work on here. I want to do alot of things however I'm not ready to tell you what that is just yet. Thank you to anyone who has supported me in the past and still is. I appreciate all the positive messages and comments and welcome the constructive ones; it only motivates me to work harder.
Hopefully my next post for you is something that you will enjoy.

Joey Bada$$ // ROUGH TRADE // LONDON

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